Best Signs On ESPN Gameday-Atlanta


best stuff i saw this morning was  was President Bush at the Army-Navy Game, and how cool were the  “Enforcer” Uniforms from NIKE,  WOW those were really sharp!  I mean , they were perfect especially the Army helmets, meanwhile in Atlanta , the last gameday show, until new years, and it was ok, not as good as the on campus shows, stillwater was great,  it seemed like i saw the same signs over and over , and some signs i have seen at other games. Yes ive heard the tebag one before , and Sacks in the City,  has all creativity left ? and Thanks for the shout out from  the Football Jesus Fans in Atlanta-Guess you liked the picks this week! and WHO are Rick and Bubba? They must own Chick Fil a, cuz those damn chiken signs were out again,

Here is the list of the best signs I could see on TV :

  1. No Mercy For Percy
  2. My dog Cosmo is more loyal Than Saban
  3. Florida got NUTT’d on
  4. Roll Over and Die
  5. G8RLUV
  6. Hey Tebow whats that Smell Like ? ( bama jesey)
  7. Spikes has Coffee 4 breakfast
  8. alaGATORhater
  9. Chooooke Tide
  10. Mt Cody Wants a Tebowne Steak
  11. Nick Saban: Coach Killa
  12. Chomp em Corso
  13. Cody Eats Gator For Breakfast
  14. Whats Up MY Clinton, MS boys? JJ
  15. Roll Tide Mich and Adam ( who?)

IF i missed any , let me know, send photos or stories

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2 responses to “Best Signs On ESPN Gameday-Atlanta

  1. I had one up for a couple minutes:


    Unfortunately it was taken away after a few minutes, but it should have been up for around two minutes during the first ten or fifteen minutes of the program. Is there anywhere to catch a replay?

  2. Also, Rick and Bubba are a morning talk show based in the South.

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