Notre Dame is Racist

Notre Dame shows its True colors, again this week. First they gave charlie Weiss an extension a couple years ago, when they wouldn’t give one to Tyrone Willingham, even though Tyrone won his first 8 games, and Charlie only won 5 of 7. OK, fine, we can let that pass, But when they fired Tyrone, they said it was because he wasnt winning enough games and they had high standards. Fine, i can buy that Until this week, when charlie, with a WORSE record, does not get fired. He won early with Tyrone’s players, and is not winning with his own guys. Personally Im happy the Irish will lose again next next year, But the point is , they have not been fair, and every black player should know this before committing to play there.  Tyrone was never given the leeway  Charlie has been given, and the double standard is clear. And they have not addressed this fact once in public.


5 responses to “Notre Dame is Racist

  1. Well…did the other coaches lead Notre Dame to two BCS bowls??? Answer NO…that may explain it.

  2. well, those bowls were completely undeserved, thats why they got slaughtered in both of em, and charlie got there with previous coaches players, who were finally upper classmen.

  3. Well…did the other coaches make it to the BCS game? He made it there…Are you gonna take Urban Myer’s national title away b/c he made it there with someone else’s team? Of course not…It doesn’t go both ways. The fact is he made it there, the other coaches (regardless of what color) didn’t make it.

  4. Last time i checked Tyrone couldn’t recruit Nor could he get those so Called “ty’s recruits ” to play like they did until Charlie got there. Oh but wait he did a great job in Washington…Because its Notre Dame you hate cause they except this bowl…..Typical Hater!

  5. im not defending Tyrone and his record, he sucked and deserved to fired, SO DOES CHARLIE, im just saying there is a double standard at Notre Dame, and clearly there is. Look what they ahve dropped to- Accepting a bowl bid at 6-6 and they will lose that too.

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