Football Friday!! Lets see who wants it!

Its championship weekend for several conferences, and I have been getting all the info I need to see who REALLY wants to win these games this weekend, Because who ever wants it deep down and is committed to playing hard, will win this weekend. Its not just about talent. I’ve watched all these teams play all year, and all year I have bet the games and have complied a 206-118-9 record betting several games each week,.

I am not a sports service, I am a bettor and I bet games here in Vegas, for sizable amounts. If you want to bet what I bet -Call me. I have found TWO games Saturday where I believe the betting line is off by at least 9-10 points, and I already bet em. You should too.

I get about a 80-100 emails every  day and only about 10 % are Real bettors who want to win. I  have to go through most of em and decide who to work with.  I am a consultant to those who want to win or  those who just need the right guy to help em out- Or get the right information from.

So if you are one of those guys , contact me at, if Not, Free pick is Gators-9.

 Over 1000 people came here in the last 2 days, and Everyone who contacted me thursday got my bet on  RUTGERS-11.


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