Monday Night -Time to make the Call!

More Free Winners Monday! Everyone who came to this site Sunday Got the Steelers  and won- For Free! I went 3-1 with my four big bets of the day, Panthers, 49ers, and the Buccs lose by hook.

my Monday night bets are 22-6 on the season, last week i gave you the Saints, and i have another winner at ,

NO  50 star locks or a games of the year, I get GOOD information,  if your a serious bettor, just call me, i have a bonus for you! NO Football Tuesday or wednesday,Back on Thursday with Football, until then – Plenty of winners in the NBA.


2 responses to “Monday Night -Time to make the Call!

  1. I take it you went 1-1 last night as I think you have played every over on MNF this year and Houston would have to be a logical choice for you.

    good luck this week.

  2. heard you have two big plays for this saturday , if I email you can you get em to me, I am a serious bettor, or should I call you

    by the way thanks for the free NBA winner tuesday!!

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