Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Stillwater

100_68581Great Turnout at OK State! Cowboy hats off to the guys with the Football Jesus Sign!! and it got on TV twice! keep em coming!  

Click Photos for larger Views! Thanks to Joe and the Football Jesus faithful in Stillwater ! Any other great Football Handicappers get thier signs on TV ? More photos coming later, or send em in


Here is the list of the signs I could see on TV :

  1. Hey Corso -Beer Me!
  2. Settle It on the field! Its been settled- Texas 45-35.
  3. My High school team can beat TCU and Cincinnatti
  4. Payroll: OU> OKC Thunder
  5. Tom Gets Married in 37 Days
  6. Don’t Do it Tom
  7. Scoot ever Corso! You’re blocking my camera Angle
  8. I need a Date
  9. MY Family is full of sooners , thank god im adopted
  10. Dear Santa, I want to be a man like Gundy
  11. Stoops wants to be Man too.
  12. Sorrry, I Party
  13. Why wait for the BCS – Choke now
  14. OU leads the nation in BCS losses
  15. OU+BCS=LOL
  16. The Original Mobile Home ( covered wagon)
  17. IM a man Im 21
  18. Last time we played #3 they dropped to #12 , sux to be u
  19. Every Sooner picks noses
  20. Football Is Neat
  21. I’m Lou Holtz’d Right now

IF i missed any , let me know

some Previous weeks


One response to “Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Stillwater

  1. the “I’m Lou Holtz’d Right now” sign went with a sign that said “Im getting Lou Holtz’d tonight for my 21st”

    also a sign that was next to both of those, held by a student wearing only a t-shirt, “DeMarcus Granger stole my jacket.”

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