The Saints Marched in-Another 2-0 Monday!

Free winners for the Thanksgiving week!!  Almost 1,000 people visited this website Monday and all of you who contacted me got a FREE winner Monday!

 I had to bet the Saints TWICE!, I bet em at -1 and at +1. I could  see this coming and told everyone to bet the Saints and the Over 51.

My Monday night record is now 22-6. Sunday Night and Monday record is 36-12, And the season record of my bets is now 188-108-9. Free picks are now on a 6-3 run.

Its a holiday week, lots of football, don’t get stuck! Call me or email, and i will get you the wins EVERY DAY this weekend ! I Have bet TWO Games for Thursday already, the lines for both off by 6 points or more, and I should have a happy Turkey day!

I wont have a game of the year or a 100 star lock, just smart bets that should win.

Of course i have a bonus for the serious bettors, you know how to reach me.


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