Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Norman

Way to go SOONERS!! I bet the Sooners-7. But You really brought out some good signs this week, compared to last week, and whats with the full feature on the WAZZU flag?  I only mention it because they won the Crapple Cup game. But anyway, really good crowd in Norman, thank good ness i didn’t see so many chicken signs.


 Here is the list of the signs I could see on TV :

  1. Hey Mike Leach : Vince Gill wants his face back
  2. Texas Tech: A football Tradition since NOV 1.
  3. Leach Runs The Five Wives Spread
  4. The Last Time Leach won in Norman was 1999, when he was our OFF. Coord.
  5. I cannot beat Crabtree and Graham I cannot beat them-Sam I am
  6. OU Victory I dreamed it in my head
  7. The Sooner Promise: Bringing Chaos Soon
  8. Save Horse ride a Bradford
  9. NORMAN: where pirates go to lose their treasure
  10. Time has Run out: your in Sooner Nation
  11. Corso Dont Pick us
  12. Answer UR Phone Joe.
  13. Boomer Freakin Sooner
  14. Hey Chase, Bradford has a “grasp” too
  15. McRib is Back
  16. Visors are stoopid , Bob
  17. DR Lou Thooners Think Leaches
  18. Im chinnin up Coach
  19. You cant spell Heisman without SAM
  20. Is This the Line for Twilight tickets( this is getting old guys)

IF i missed any , let me know, i didnt see many good ones..and send photos if you got em  and NEXT WEEK get the “FOOTBALL JESUS Las vegas” Sign on TV…or HI football Jesus …  be creative! lets see em!!

some Previous weeks


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