Best Signs On ESPN Gameday- FAMU

 How about those Rattlers!! They were pretty good, the sins- NO, The first 5 signs on my list of good ones says it all, why didnt they go to FSU? Plenty of references to Doak Walker stadium, and plenty of FSU fans at Gameday. To answer the question i didnt say anyone with their RACK OUT during the FSU balck out! If there was or is, send me the photos!  Best moment was Lee corso getting his rattler outfit on . and The other big winner? Chik Fil A.  I saw more “chicken” signs and as long gameday stays in the south , i fear we will see more. dont see too many chicken signs out west, or the Gameday show for that matter!

Here is the list of the signs I could see on TV :

  1. FSU blackout with your RACK OUT!
  2. Free Boston Teabaggin, 8pm: Doak: Go Noles
  3. DOAK ( arrow pointing toward FSU)
  4. FREE FSU receivers
  5. I got lost on my way to DOAK
  6. School of ESPN architecture
  7. hey corso Introduce me to Juliann
  8. Some recruits get $$$$, Tebow got jorts
  9. Kirk (heart)’s to blow Tebow
  10. Lorenzo will you marry me?
  11. Its Simple Kill the BCS

IF i missed any , let me know, i didnt see many good ones..and send photos if you got em  IM callin you out Norman OK!! get the “FOOTBALL JESUS Las vegas” Sign on TV…or HI football Jesus …  be creative! lets see em!!

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