Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday – Lubbock!

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 There were more signs than i have ever seen before, AND where WAS THE fOOTBALL JESUS SIGN ? You Lubbock fans showed us your signs allright, But no FOOTBALL jesus SIGN? !  and GOOD job to the red raiders for NOT quitting with 10 seconds to go!

There will IS STILL REWARD for ANYONE who gets a “FOOTBALL JESUS Las vegas” Sign on TV…or HI football Jesus …  be creative! 

gameday-texas-tech-2008-001gameday-texas-tech-2008-013gameday-texas-tech-2008-014gameday-texas-tech-2008-020gameday-texas-tech-2008-017gameday-at-austin-2008-023 im Callin you out BATON ROUGE!! LETS bring it next week!

Here is the list of the signs I could see on TV so far :

  1. Lubbock Or Leave it
  2. Kirk & Colt BFFs ( should say Bf’s F)
  3. beating UT makes me Longhorny
  4. What Can BROWN do 4 you?
  5. Segio Kindle is my designated Driver
  6. Bevo Makes Good Burgers
  7. cook them horns
  8. colt mcoy more like my little pony
  9. catch mack brown with his pants down
  10. Ryan Reed Benchpresses 2 1/2 Orakpos
  11. Cant Spell _pse_ w/o U Tt
  12. Harrell is the real McCoy
  13. Is this The line for Jonas Bros Tickets
  14. BEVO he’s whats for dinner
  15. Need reasons for Heisman we’ve got 5 or 6
  16. FEAR the tortilla,
  17.  Giving CRABs to defenses since’07
  18. Mr Tomatohead loves Tech
  19. sorry colt , virgins dont win heismans
  20. Superman was Crabtree for halloween
  21. Facebook BrianSteele, WTAMU
  22. Colt Drinks Bevo’s milk
  23. Colt MCCoy wears a diaper

IM STILL WORKING ON THIS, let me know what i missed, and send photos if you got em

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