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Monday Night -Time to make the Call!

More Free Winners Monday! Everyone who came to this site Sunday Got the Steelers  and won- For Free! I went 3-1 with my four big bets of the day, Panthers, 49ers, and the Buccs lose by hook.

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NFL Sunday- Who Did You Call to Win ?

More Free winners! Everyone who contacted me over the last two days got The big games I bet Saturday – Boston College-6, Virginia+8, , Auburn+15, and Oregon+3, free with Sunday’s FOUR NFL bets ,

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Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Stillwater

100_68581Great Turnout at OK State! Cowboy hats off to the guys with the Football Jesus Sign!! and it got on TV twice! keep em coming!  

Click Photos for larger Views! Thanks to Joe and the Football Jesus faithful in Stillwater ! Any other great Football Handicappers get thier signs on TV ? More photos coming later, or send em in


Here is the list of the signs I could see on TV :

  1. Hey Corso -Beer Me!
  2. Settle It on the field! Its been settled- Texas 45-35.
  3. My High school team can beat TCU and Cincinnatti
  4. Payroll: OU> OKC Thunder
  5. Tom Gets Married in 37 Days
  6. Don’t Do it Tom
  7. Scoot ever Corso! You’re blocking my camera Angle
  8. I need a Date
  9. MY Family is full of sooners , thank god im adopted
  10. Dear Santa, I want to be a man like Gundy
  11. Stoops wants to be Man too.
  12. Sorrry, I Party
  13. Why wait for the BCS – Choke now
  14. OU leads the nation in BCS losses
  15. OU+BCS=LOL
  16. The Original Mobile Home ( covered wagon)
  17. IM a man Im 21
  18. Last time we played #3 they dropped to #12 , sux to be u
  19. Every Sooner picks noses
  20. Football Is Neat
  21. I’m Lou Holtz’d Right now

IF i missed any , let me know

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Georgia is my Mind Saturday

More Free winners for Saturday!   Thursday I was Thankful for the Dallas Cowboys -12, MY BIG Turkey shoot of the day!!

I will add  another win Friday with UCLA-ASU  , You can Get it Free from me directly. I dont have a game of the year, or any goofy things like that, but i do have games that will win!

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Thanksgiving Football Picks- Gobble em up!

Free Winners for Thanksgiving weekend !  I made TWO Strong plays for Thursday, and TWO for Friday, Get em all by email or by text.

Free Prime Time Pick :Texas A & M + 36

The Saints Marched in-Another 2-0 Monday!

Free winners for the Thanksgiving week!!  Almost 1,000 people visited this website Monday and all of you who contacted me got a FREE winner Monday!

 I had to bet the Saints TWICE!, I bet em at -1 and at +1. I could  see this coming and told everyone to bet the Saints and the Over 51.

My Monday night record is now 22-6. Sunday Night and Monday record is 36-12, And the season record of my bets is now 188-108-9. Free picks are now on a 6-3 run.

Its a holiday week, lots of football, don’t get stuck! Call me or email, and i will get you the wins EVERY DAY this weekend ! I Have bet TWO Games for Thursday already, the lines for both off by 6 points or more, and I should have a happy Turkey day!

I wont have a game of the year or a 100 star lock, just smart bets that should win.

Of course i have a bonus for the serious bettors, you know how to reach me.

I’m Thankful For Monday Nights!

FREE Winner Monday Night! Monday Nights have been the most profitable day of the week for me this football season, I work all weekend to get the right information to bet the right side and total 77% of the time !

I give everyone a free winner each week, email MyfootballJesus@yahoo.comand get the winner Monday, and all of Thanksgiving week football through NEXT Monday as well.

Sunday Night’s Free pick on South Florida-3 wins and Free picks are on a 6-3 run, and My Monday night record is even better, 20-6.

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NFL Week 12

More FREE winners Sunday! Last Sunday the Free pick was a winner on the Packers! I  gave it to everyone FREE- I posted it here for everyone.

 MY 3 biggest bets Saturday went 3-0 , the lines were off by 10+ points in all of em. Oklahoma-7, Tennessee +3, and Cal-9.  Other bets Nevada+7.5 won, and Air Force+20 , lost.

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Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Norman

Way to go SOONERS!! I bet the Sooners-7. But You really brought out some good signs this week, compared to last week, and whats with the full feature on the WAZZU flag?  I only mention it because they won the Crapple Cup game. But anyway, really good crowd in Norman, thank good ness i didn’t see so many chicken signs.


 Here is the list of the signs I could see on TV :

  1. Hey Mike Leach : Vince Gill wants his face back
  2. Texas Tech: A football Tradition since NOV 1.
  3. Leach Runs The Five Wives Spread
  4. The Last Time Leach won in Norman was 1999, when he was our OFF. Coord.
  5. I cannot beat Crabtree and Graham I cannot beat them-Sam I am
  6. OU Victory I dreamed it in my head
  7. The Sooner Promise: Bringing Chaos Soon
  8. Save Horse ride a Bradford
  9. NORMAN: where pirates go to lose their treasure
  10. Time has Run out: your in Sooner Nation
  11. Corso Dont Pick us
  12. Answer UR Phone Joe.
  13. Boomer Freakin Sooner
  14. Hey Chase, Bradford has a “grasp” too
  15. McRib is Back
  16. Visors are stoopid , Bob
  17. DR Lou Thooners Think Leaches
  18. Im chinnin up Coach
  19. You cant spell Heisman without SAM
  20. Is This the Line for Twilight tickets( this is getting old guys)

IF i missed any , let me know, i didnt see many good ones..and send photos if you got em  and NEXT WEEK get the “FOOTBALL JESUS Las vegas” Sign on TV…or HI football Jesus …  be creative! lets see em!!

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Cal and Tennessee win big!


Cal and Tennessee won easy for me and my clients earlier today, while Air force+20 , I did win with Nevada+7.5, some pushed at +7, but someone sent me an email I found amusing: they told me they lost big today betting Stanford and this is what they were sent by some handicapper, I don’t know who:


 1500 * Pac 10 Dead Mortal Lock:
Stanford Cardinal

 I had already bet Cal-8 in this game when I got this, and im not laughing at the pick, everyone loses games, but “Dead Mortal Lock” come on! As a consultant I NEVER tell anyone any game is a “lock” let alone a “dead mortal one” and NEVER ever tell anyone to bet anything above their normal bet.  I make smart bets and tell others to do the same, and i get good information -That helps!