Call Me the Monday Night Maverick

Free Monday WINNER! Over all a 5-1-1 day on Sunday. The last 2 weeks’ NFL picks are 10-3-1.  I hate losing, so i work hard not to. Almost 3000 bettors came to this site looking for winnners this past weekend, 

 Sunday Dallas Delivered part of my 4 plays with The Dolphins+1 , Saints+3, and Lions +8 –all came in.   The late games Pitt-3, and Browns +7, and Tulsa-25, were 2-1.

I lost on Saturday, But bounced back Sunday- I have a solid bet for Monday Night, good match up- good teams. and the last 5 mondays have all been 2-0 ! If you have been following, and getting the plays, your weeks- like mine, have finished on the plus side.  Get Tonite’s pick FREE, at , along with  Tuesday’s college bet, and next weekends full schedule. 

the Sunday Night and Monday Winners, which are now 25-6 on the season !

  1. Aug 3, Redskins-4 HOF game, W
  2. Aug 12, Packers-3 L
  3. Aug 17, Patriots-1, L, Lions+3 W
  4. Aug 18 Giants Pk W
  5. Aug 24 Bills+6 W
  6. Aug 25 Seahawks +5 W
  7. Aug 31, Colorado-12, W
  8. Sept 1  UCLA+14 W
  9. Sept 7 Bears +10, W
  10. Sept 8, Broncos W, PackersW, Under L
  11. Sept 14, Browns+7 W
  12. Sept 15, Cowboys L , OVER W
  13. Sept 21. Cowboys-3, W
  14. Sept 22 Chargers-8, W OVER W
  15. Sept. 29 Eagles-3   L
  16. Sept 30 Ravens +6  W, Over W
  17. Oct 5, Steelers+6  W
  18. Oct 6 Vikings+3 W, OVER W
  19. Oct  13 Patriots+6  L
  20. Oct 14 Browns+8, W OVER W
  21. Oct 19 Seahawks+11 W
  22. Oct 20 Patriots-3 W Over 47 W
  23. oct 26  TULSA -25-W

YOU NEED to win on Monday, get the best information, by calling me, Mondays are my strongest bets of the week. – Don’t miss it!  NO 50 star LOCKS or Games of the month- just good information… email 

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