NFL WEEK 7, More FREE winners

Everyone who asked for the free pick Saturday , Won with UCLA +2.5!  I Like Rick Neuheisel, and  he had the team practicing well all week, and they would not quit, he did the same thing at Washington, always coming from behind, and winning, which is all i wanted them to do !

 It was my biggest bet going into Saturday, but I took all my profits and bet it all onTexas, Tennessee and and Boston College, my  BIG 3-0 Late plays! I had some losses saturday as well as other winners, notably i lost on Clemson, who couldn’t hold on vs GTech.

Get Sunday’s 3 BIG BETS, email and get my best bets PLUS the Sunday Night and Monday Winners, which are now 22-6 on the seasonv ! YES 22-6.

  1. Aug 3, Redskins-4 HOF game, W
  2. Aug 12, Packers-3 L
  3. Aug 17, Patriots-1, L, Lions+3 W
  4. Aug 18 Giants Pk W
  5. Aug 24 Bills+6 W
  6. Aug 25 Seahawks +5 W
  7. Aug 31, Colorado-12, W
  8. Sept 1  UCLA+14 W
  9. Sept 7 Bears +10, W
  10. Sept 8, Broncos W, PackersW, Under L
  11. Sept 14, Browns+7 W
  12. Sept 15, Cowboys L , OVER W
  13. Sept 21. Cowboys-3, W
  14. Sept 22 Chargers-8, W OVER W
  15. Sept. 29 Eagles-3   L
  16. Sept 30 Ravens +6  W, Over W
  17. Oct 5, Steelers+6  W
  18. Oct 6 Vikings+3 W, OVER W
  19. Patriots+6  L
  20. Browns+8, W OVER W

IF you NEED to win on Sunday Night, contact me, I want EVERYONE winning! and I will get you on the PLUS side again! email 

FREE pick for SUNDAY : BUFFALO -Pick em

One response to “NFL WEEK 7, More FREE winners

  1. please include me in your email football picks

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