Best Signs on ESPN Gameday- Austin

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Well the sign crowd showed up, even though Mizzou didnt ! I had a HUGE bet on Texas-4, so I was Happy. NOT happy? Besides MIzzou,LOL, I dont see the Wazzu flag…guess that guy had go witness the cougs get waxed by USC 69-0. TWO weeks to go before the election, and no signs about McCain, or the big eared guy , and  this was TEXAS ! no Erin Andrews either..guess she did get married…

 There will IS STILL REWARD for ANYONE who gets a “FOOTBALL JESUS Las vegas” Sign on TV…or HI football Jesus Blog ,  be creative!  we need a good clear shot of it!!

Here is the list of the signs I could see on TV : i wish i could have seen this one sent in : Lee’s wife also says “Not so fast:”

  1. Chase Daniels Girlfriend Fakes It Like OU’s Punter
  2. My Grandma Looks LIke Lee Corso
  3. Mom I’m Mailing you my laundry
  4. 2 Chases 1 Cup
  5. Lou Holth THucks
  6. BEVO :its whats for dinner
  7. Chuck Norris checks his closet for Will Muschamp before he goes to bed
  8. I am claustrophobic
  9. The Only GOOD tiger plays golf
  10. Kirk Drinks Appletinis
  11. Chase Daniel Still wets the bet
  12. Warren Buffet asks Chase Daniels for finacial advice
  13. EAT more TIGR
  14. Chase Daniel has a FUPA
  15. Party  On 6th St with Herbstreit
  16. MIZZ “who”
  17. Since 1896, world wars:2, presidents:19 Mizzou wins in Austin:0
  18. Corso needs some longhorn Lovin
  19. I eat boogers too
  20. Lou Hatha Potty Mouth

Thats all i could see clearly, let me know what i missed, and send photos if you got em



4 responses to “Best Signs on ESPN Gameday- Austin

  1. Saw a sign that got escorted out and didn’t make it on TV:

    “Lee’s wife also says “Not so fast!”” with a pencil on it.

  2. Also, the Wazzu flag was there, flying high in the back of the crowd. Guess it didn’t make it on tv.

  3. I can’t believe this one didnt make the list. It was a picture of Chase Daniels face on Chunk (from the Goonies) body with the caption “Chunk Daniel – The Truffle Shuffle”

  4. mine said ‘I JUST WANT TO GET ON TV’

    apparently it had the opposite effect…

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