Football Friday: Can You See L.A.?

More FREE winners in College Football Saturday available from me, so get these bets I  made today! I lost my two plays Thursday, a RARE losing day! I felt BYU as a dog was the better team so far this year, I was wrong, and Florida State could not cover 11, winning by 9.  YES even I have losing days! That’s the nature of gambling! I do lose less than most, and always bounce back.

It’s hard to believe , but I tell everyone the BEST i will do is win 5 out of seven football days. 

The last 17 football days of betting, i  have come out AHEAD 12, LOST 2, and PUSHED 3.  I can live with that !! The record over this span has been 40-18-5, and the OVERALL record  for this season’ s bets if you have been following all along– is 105-59-7.

So I have THREE sizable wagers ready for Saturday, and You can get them all, including the LATE bets i will make , i will text them to you from the sportsnook, RIGHT after i make them.  Get all My plays this week, at and I will throw in NEXT weeks plays for FREE, a TWO for one Weekend!

Of course I do have something EXTRA for all you serious bettors, on the preferred list, Check with me.

Saturday’s FREE PICK is UCLA +2.5 or 3, Gooooooo Bruins! Free Picks  everyday, Just ask!


One response to “Football Friday: Can You See L.A.?

  1. You got to lose one now and then. But you are one of the most consistent winning football handicappers out there. And that is hard to do. Count us as a loyal fan, keep up the good work!

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