Daily Archives: October 16, 2008

Football Friday: Can You See L.A.?

More FREE winners in College Football Saturday available from me, so get these bets I  made today! I lost my two plays Thursday, a RARE losing day! I felt BYU as a dog was the better team so far this year, I was wrong, and Florida State could not cover 11, winning by 9.  YES even I have losing days! That’s the nature of gambling! I do lose less than most, and always bounce back.

It’s hard to believe , but I tell everyone the BEST i will do is win 5 out of seven football days. 

The last 17 football days of betting, i  have come out AHEAD 12, LOST 2, and PUSHED 3.  I can live with that !! The record over this span has been 40-18-5, and the OVERALL record  for this season’ s bets if you have been following all along– is 105-59-7.

So I have THREE sizable wagers ready for Saturday, and You can get them all, including the LATE bets i will make , i will text them to you from the sportsnook, RIGHT after i make them.  Get all My plays this week, at MyFootballJesus@yahoo.com and I will throw in NEXT weeks plays for FREE, a TWO for one Weekend!

Of course I do have something EXTRA for all you serious bettors, on the preferred list, Check with me.

Saturday’s FREE PICK is UCLA +2.5 or 3, Gooooooo Bruins! Free Picks  everyday, Just ask!