Giants Get Beat Down in the Dog Pound!

Thanks Cleveland, you made me look good! Actually my sources told me that the Browns did not want to look bad on prime time again, and playing the champs was motivation for them, coupled with the Giants off a blow out of seattle, taking the browns lightly. RESULT: My fourth straight 2-0 Monday , Browns and OVER, bringing my sunday night and monday record to 22-6.  The NFL weekend pick SIX went 4-2. and the overall weekend was 12-3-2,  the Overall SEASON BET TOTAL 105-57-7.

Everyone who emailed got a FREE WINNER again!

FREE winners Thursday,  FSU- NC STATE, and the BYU-TCU Holy War will be winners for me, I will give you ONE of them  for FREE, email me at  and I have more good stuff for the serious bettors, you know who you are !

This  weekend I have spotted 3 games where the line is in our favor, and i plan to take advantage ! If you want the EARLY info Saturday, OR the Two Games Thursday. Let me know.


One response to “Giants Get Beat Down in the Dog Pound!

  1. Great Job FB! love your work…

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