Daily Archives: October 12, 2008

Monday Night Football – My Best week so far!

Free Monday Pick! Get this easy win, Monday, to add to the best week of winners so far this season, each week my picks get better, as the season rolls on! I’m getting better information, and its showing at the cash window!  I lost last night with the Patriots, clearly the wrong side, it was bound to happen!  I can’t win em all!

The college bets this past week went 8-1-2, while the NFL went 2-2 Sunday, for a 10-3-2 week.

 The season record on my bets now is 103-57-7.

Sunday Nights and Monday have been the best of my picks, going 20-6 this season!  ( see previous post)  Monday I have a BIG bet on the Giants-Browns ! Get it free  by email: MyfootballJesus@yahoo.com, along with next weeks picks. I am not a service, i don’t have any 30 star locks, or Games of the Month, just solid consistent winners. I am a consultant, and I work with everyone, and i will tell you exactly who i bet, so you can ride along.