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NFL Week 6 – So I Will Pick SIX !

SIX FREE WINNERS this week in the NFL ! Saturday was my best day yet this season,With BIG wins on TEXAS+ 7, Mississippi State+3 , Colorado State+17, Stanford +7 , and Florida-6.  All of these games had lines that were OFF by a TD or more, and I spotted em early and BET EM BIG!  won  a few othersas well, and lost some- I Took a loss on Wisconsin+6  and push with Georgia-12 , but i can’t win em all !!

SUNDAY in the NFL I have more SOLID bets for us to get the money !  Get em all by Email, MyfootballJesus@yahoo.com  and sign up early for NEXT weeks plays!  Sunday Night  I have another winner – Patriots-Chargers dont miss it, my Sunday Night-Monday Bets are 20-5 on this season! CHECK IT OUT!:

  1. Aug 3, Redskins-4 HOF game, W
  2. Aug 12, Packers-3 L
  3. Aug 17, Patriots-1, L, Lions+3 W
  4. Aug 18 Giants Pk W
  5. Aug 24 Bills+6 W
  6. Aug 25 Seahawks +5 W
  7. Aug 31, Colorado-12, W
  8. Sept 1  UCLA+14 W
  9. Sept 7 Bears +10, W
  10. Sept 8, Broncos W, PackersW, Under L
  11. Sept 14, Browns+7 W
  12. Sept 15, Cowboys L , OVER W
  13. Sept 21. Cowboys-3, W
  14. Sept 22 Chargers-8, W OVER W
  15. Sept. 29 Eagles-3   L
  16. Sept 30 Ravens +6  W, Over W
  17. Oct 5, Steelers+6  W
  18. Oct 6 Vikings+3 W, OVER W

IF you NEED to win on Sunday Night, contact me, I want EVERYONE winning! and I will get you on the PLUS side again! email MyfootballJesus@yahoo.com 



Best Signs On ESPN College Gameday- Dallas

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Well, the Texas Stat Fair is great site for gameday and a  great Football Game, But it was really hard to see the signs this wee, those nets ESPN uses to shield Corso from rotten tomatoes, was like having cataracts this week!  AND the show was moved into the stadium for the 2nd hour. So any help you have to contribute this week will be appreciated! I saw the WAzzu flag again, Chik Fil A is getting good at their sign placement, and i saw no love for Erin Andrews this week anywhere, perhaps she accepted a proposal that I saw in LA or Vandy- and signed the pre nup. And texas tech is starting to bark, but who have they beaten ?  WHERE ARE THE Political signs ? You do know there is a presidential election soon, and KIRK or CORSO are not running!!  BTW , guys the coros-Merkin sign i saw was repeat from last year-sorry!

Again these are the best I saw, tell me the best ones I missed!

 There will IS STILL REWARD for ANYONE who gets a “FOOTBALL JESUS Las vegas” Sign on TV…or HI football Jesus Blog ,  be creative!  we need a good clear shot of it!!

Here is the list:

  1. Kirk Herbstreit brought to you by Planet Tan
  2. Stoops is a Hockey Mom
  3. I had to walk to the fair , Phil Fulmer ate my car
  4. Corso Wheres the Neck meat?  ( ??)
  5. V Slice Born Born   (corrected)
  6. Sam Bradford washed my Car
  8. UT the way the south was won
  10. OU SUX

Thats all i could see clearly, and im not sure of these !!






Minneapolis: https://footballjesus.wordpress.com/2008/09/03/best-sign-at-republican-convention-msnbc/

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