Football Friday -Yee-Haw! and Wake wins BIG for me

More Free winners for Saturday! Thursday’s  Wake Forest -2 wins easy as my biggest Thursday bet so far this season, I bet the house limit on Tuesday, and bet it again at +1  on Thursday! , as the information I got was dead solid perfect!, They should have won BIGGER, but blew several TD opportunities. and Houston-18  ROLLS!!  The season record on my bets as of this post , in ALL games is now 93-54-5. 

 I will add  another win Friday with Louisville-Memphis,  Thursday only 38 people emailed and GOT the FREE thursday 2-0,  with the streak im on, why didnt more people Email or call? HEY they were FREE! if you want em -Just ask.

I made four other BIG bets for Saturday last night, all of em just as good !  And I will have late bets for Saturday Night! and you can get em all !!!   Email MYFootballJesus@yahoo,com , and you can get everything I bet , Saturday, Sunday and Monday-the whole weekend, along with the four bets I have already made.

FREE PICK for Saturday : TEXAS +7.5 Hook em Horns!

Free Picks Every day ! More free picks Saturday afternoon.


2 responses to “Football Friday -Yee-Haw! and Wake wins BIG for me

  1. FBJ…those are some nice looking ladies in that picture there. That is my way of picking teams too…cleavage!!! LOL. Looks like this is going to be the biggest weekend of college football yet! Have a great one!


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