Richland – Kennewick Game Friday-Mushroom UP!!

Its hard to judge the BEST LOGO, But I really like this one from the Richland High School Bombers.

Friday Night  Richland plays rival Kenenwick in Tri Cities- Washington., at Fran Rish Stadium. Its a good rivalry, but its the Richland helmet thats really cool! PREVIEW HERE:

I LOVE this logo because its NOTORIOUS! In the early 70’s Richland adopted an atomic-blast mushroom cloud as the school logo. Locals  defend the symbol as an accurate icon for their history. Richland is home to The Hanford Site, which helped win WWII , and the whole town would not be there if not for the Mahatten Project.

GO BOMBERS ! good luck Friday!!

FREE PICK : Richland-7


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