Daily Archives: October 6, 2008

Back-2-Back-2-Back 2-0 Mondays!! Vikes win!

AND another Free winner Tuesday, Troy and FAU will battle, so dont miss it!! Monday I hit the Vikings+3 and OVER 46, for my third straight 2-0 Monday!!! The Sunday night and Monday games are now 20-5 this season. Im a  PRIME TIME PLAYER!!! The season record in ALL games is now 91-54-4.

EVERYONE who emailed for the weekend, GOT a 2-0 FREE! But still several non believers, If You want your own personal JESUS for football, just send an email, or call. I meet new and different people everyday, and I want you all to win!

so if YOU really are committed to winning, email MYfootballJesus@yahoo.com