Daily Archives: October 5, 2008

Monday Night Football

FREE WINNER for Monday Night! I want everyone winning Monday, i met some great people this weekend who contacted me Sunday and I gave them the STEELERS+6 for FREE. Yes! More FREE winners and we needed it after sunday’s free pick –seahawks rolled over and died!  MUCH better were the FIVE bets on the Dolphins+7, Ravens,+3 Cardinals-2, and Buccs+4 and Steelers. Those went 3-1-1, with the  49ers and seahawks losing. The bounce back is STILL in effect Monday, as I need another good Monday to cap the weekend!

My Sunday Night Monday winners are 18-5 this season, SO email me for the Winner tonite, You can have it FREE Email MyFootballJesus@yahoo.com and also getting Next weekends action.