Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Vandy

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YES ! someone did it, They got a “football Jesus” sign on TV!!  Good Job, let see it again next week, in Dallas.

I know the resolution is not good, but it was there! Maybe i will get some better pictures…Vandy Fans were AWESOME, the signs were witty, and creative, almost as good as USC..good job Commodores! Wazzu flag was there again, and a sign for SHAME-U . some political signs, more people want football players and sportscasters for PRES, than Barrak Hussein Obama, or John Sidney McCain. and here was a new marriage Proposal:, Marry Me Lee Corso

Guys, no More signs about dudes wearing pajamas- WE get it, its old. Lets have fresh ideas!

Again these are the best I saw, tell me the best ones I missed!

 There will IS STILL REWARD for ANYONE who gets a “FOOTBALL JESUS Las vegas” Sign on TV…or HI football Jesus Blog ,  be creative!

Here is the list:

  1. Lee Corso Scores More than Auburn
  2. You People are Blocking the Library
  3. Chris Todd Loves Old Greggs Mangina
  4. Hey Kirk, The SEC Drew straws, Its Vandy’s turn to beat Ohio State in  Bowl Game
  5. AT Vandy we use 3 Fingers
  6. Erin I Will sign s Pre Nup
  7. Whats worse? Auburns offense or the economy? ( corrected)
  8. Vanderbilt Bandwagon: Any Volunteers?
  9. Hey Corso we think Your tractor is SEC-xY
  10. The Geeks shall inherit the turf
  11. New bailout Plan: Bet on the ‘Dores $$$
  12. Im with Rick & Bubba, The spread is Dead
  13. Erin Andrews is the only I0 I C
  14. Hey Corso, Lets get the Band back Together
  15. 4-0 No longer our GPA
  16. A vandy education, $160,000, Season tickets,$92, Tony Franklin’s Offense=WORTHLESS
  17. The Commodores: Were Going Platinum
  18. Vanderbilt: Top 25 in just about Everything
  19. Auburn Grads pump my gas
  20. The ‘Dores are closing on #13
  22. Say I wont… and I will
  23. No Hard Feelings Kirk, Your not in our Top 25
  24. David Curran 909-299-2700
  25. Go To Auburn and a Vandy Grad may Hire you

past weeks signs:




One response to “Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Vandy

  1. It was “What’s worse? Auburn’s offense or the economy?” This is vandy, after all.

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