Boise State Buckin Broncos-Bonanza !

EASY win Wednesday!  I used to live in the northwest, I was radio host there for years, even worked in Wyoming for a while, I heard lots of good things from my folks up there, that Boise would be ready to roll Wednesday night, proving that they have what it takes to win big on ESPN,  I bet Boise-24 and everyone who contacted me for the weekend games, got IT FREE! , More football winners! and Thursday I have MORE.

BIG Three 3-0 Thursday!!!  You Can Get all Three FOR FREE!

PITT- South Florida       Memphis- UAB     Oregon ST-Utah

 Contact me at and get the weekend picks OR October Special , and I will give you the the BIG Three 3-0 Thursday Picks for free.

 Free Picks everyday!

One response to “Boise State Buckin Broncos-Bonanza !

  1. Thanks for the inside dope about Boise state, you were right, AGAIN, and they rolled em

    Get me those 3-0 picks for tonite , im on for october

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