Daily Archives: September 30, 2008

FAU Covers for Football Jesus Visitors!

I said the FAU-MTSU scrum was a silly game but, but really … it was … but still more value in an FAU team that has played with spirit. MTSU was overvalued, and everyone who jumped on my OCTOBER SPECIAL , got the winner – FREE, yes More free picks that win ,

Monday’s free pick also won, so i will keep it going Wednesday.  What ? Yes another strange mid week match up- Loisiana Tech -Boise State, and I will give you the winner FREE ! email me at MyFootballJesus@yahoo.com .

Get all this weekends picks Thurs-Mon, OR get the October Special, and then ask for the big football winner for Wednesday Blue Turf Special-you can have it FREE. 

Free picks everyday!

Oh yeah the boring baseball play-offs start. I predict Angels , Brewers, Dodgers, and Rays advance.