RAVENS ! ! and Over , I’m 2-0 again On Monday.

Well, The Ravens tried their best to screw me, letting the steeler D account for two scores. But shit happens in football games , even when you have the right side.I was able to buy a half point here in vegas, and get  Ravens +7, and OVER 34.but I tell everyone to get the BEST LINE you can. Thats how you win bets, and lose LESS.  Speaking of losing less, my Sunday Night an Monday games are now 17-5, on the year. we lost Sunday with the Eagles-3, but a 2-0 Monday was sweet!

Enough of today’s lesson, if you really want some pointers, contact me , I help EVERYONE win more and lose less.- IF they listen! 

Get Tuesdays lesson by contacting me, and get that October special NOW, and get a free pick for TUESDAY FOOTBALL,at  MYFootballJesus@yahoo.com what ?? I know its silly, football on Tuesday, but i have a nice winner on FAU-MTSU..

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