NFL Week 4- Good Day Saturday !

TOP THREE Picks Sunday FREE,My bets are on a roll, after Saturday, Notre Dame wins easy, the rest of the day was good ,  and last night’s free pick on Illinois was good too!.  Almost 1000 visitors to this site saturday, ONLY 36 signed up for the weekend free special, Yes, FREE. The October Special  is still on, so contact me and get it NOW-and  I will Give you all three NFL Picks Sunday for FREE, including the Sunday Night and Monday NIght bets, which are now 15-4 on this season.

  1. Aug 3, Redskins-4 HOF game, W
  2. Aug 12, Packers-3 L
  3. Aug 17, Patriots-1, L, Lions+3 W
  4. Aug 18 Giants Pk W
  5. Aug 24 Bills+6 W
  6. Aug 25 Seahawks +5 W
  7. Aug 31, Colorado-12, W
  8. Sept 1  UCLA+14 W
  9. Sept 7 Bears +10, W
  10. Sept 8, Broncos W, PackersW Under-L
  11. Sept 14, Browns+7 W
  12. Sept 15, Cowboys L , OVER W
  13. Sept 21. Cowboys-3, W
  14. Sept 22 Chargers-8, W OVER W

IF you NEED to win sunday night, you have to get this bet, and CASH IN.

 Contact me now, for  Eagles-Bears- at

Free Pick for sunday : I bet Dallas -9.5


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