Best Signs At ESPN College Gameday- Athens

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I just heard GAMEDAY is going to Vandy. WHAT ? why Not BYU or Oklahoma,  or Oregon,? They wont go west unless a team is ranked #1, but they will go to the SEC THREE WEEKS in a row, BIASED ? YES. They hate to travel… ESPN wimps, corso cant get up that early.

A lousy game thanks to Georgia piss poor effort , but some good signs this week! It took a debate to bring out the political references. A huge crowd, half of alabama made the trip, and I cant wait to hear the stories you guys wite in. Erin Andrews signs have all but dissappeared, the wazzu flag was there, and Fowler even mentioned it! Who is Richard Gower? who is JPW 135.51? Ronnie Curran is everywhere? Carter B , wish you were here!

Again these are the best I saw, tell me the best ones I missed!

 There will IS STILL REWARD for ANYONE who gets a “FOOTBALL JESUS Las vegas”Sign on TV…or HI football Jesus, i dont care be creative

Here is the list:

  1. USC forgot to Shave Their Beavers
  3. NOBAMA – No Bama
  4. Tebow Knocked up Palins Daughter
  5. I kicked my Girlfriend out the door for #24
  6. Once you Go Black, you never go back
  7. get your tampons , its the Crimson Tide
  8. Even Vick Loves these Dawgs
  9. hey Mike , what is Britney doing with her life?
  10. The Georgia Gas shortage is actually Bama’s fault
  11. I’ve had wedgies cooler than alabama football
  12. Terrance Cody ATE my Family
  13. Have you seen the Muffin man ?
  14. Mt Cody-Im hiding The Little Debbies
  15. Superman wears Knowshon Underwear
  16. Knowshon is on my to-do list!
  17. Stafford is a Fairy
  18. Who’s afraid of the Armani BEAR?
  19. I wash my clothes in TIDE
  20. Protect Your Wilson
  21. I have a crush on Mark Richt
  22. Hey Nick, we need gas money!
  23. Hey Bama – Bear is Dead
  24. NicK Saban is the Devil
  25. Stephanie will you marry me ?

 Last weeks signs:




3 responses to “Best Signs At ESPN College Gameday- Athens

  1. I was there, and the best one I saw, bar nothing:


  2. Thanks for the mention at #25. She said Yes, by the way.

  3. I saw one you missed:

    SANCHEZ can:
    Pac-10 workers into a van.

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