Monday Night Football Master

Well, These guys were the REAL masters of Monday Night, and Cosell is a legend. My record for picking winners on Monday and Sunday nights is getting legendary itself. Sunday Night, one  nice lady named Patti, called me on my phone and NEEDED the winner to get out of a hole..I GAVE it to her –the Cowboys-3, she sounded like she needed a break..

AFTER the game she thanked me! , hardly anybody says thanks for what I do anynore, That was Nice. It makes what I do worth while.  MY Sunday and Monday night record is now 13-4 ATS, for the season.

Monday,  I have ANOTHER winner in the Jets-Chargers game. Email ,

Get this game and I will throw in all of next week’s picks free. The free Play won again Sunday so if you need picks let me know. And when YOU NEED to win, contact me !


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  1. I liked coming upon this post

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