Football Friday Make Your Money Weekend !

This is it, FOUR big Games this weekend…I have already bet em, and you should too. Hell, I may bet em again! These picks are that good. Occasionally i see some games that are REALLY good to bet, that offer so much in one teams favor, and the betting line is so good , i have to take em..THIS is one of those weekends. 

FREE PICKS ?  Of course !  Saturday’s Free Pick is ARKANSAS +10

MORE FREE PICKS ? baylor-UCONN tonite! BUT IF  you want the key bets i made this week, Contact me, , I have them RIGHT now, i jumped on these right away.  IF you make the commitment to winning, I want you to win, I will give them  to you.

Last night free pick : Colorado + 3 wins outright.


2 responses to “Football Friday Make Your Money Weekend !

  1. can you please email the picks for saturday..thanks jesus and thanks for colorado!

  2. Start listening to your weekday free pick guy…LOL! The weekend card looks solid and I’m glad the games are on TV so that I have something to watch while I drink Miller Lite and eat pizza!!!

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