Thursday College Football

GET free picks for this Saturday!  I have been doing my usual homework, and have identified 3-4 games as complete, Line Maker Mistakes, mis-matches, what ever you want to call em. It will be the BEST bets I have made this year… REALLY.

So if you want em -get them early FROM ME, by Email:  Monday there were almost 1000 visitors to this site – 57 emailed and got the free play on the over in that game. They ALL won – For FREE.Guess what ? They are getting the picks this Saturday too..The hundreds that didnt, MISSED OUT. My season bets are 52-36-1, after last week

SO get Saturdays mis-matches NOW.  You can bet em BEFORE they make the correction, and word gets out. and It will, these lines are off by a touchdown or more.. and I watch college football closely.

Thursday– a good matchup tonite… FREE PICK TAKE COLORADO +3.5

 BTW there seem to be some enemies of Football Jesus or just pranksters, spreading FALSE selections. Shocking isn’t it that someone would do that ..?  Don’t believe everything you see. IF YOU DON’T read it here, email or speak to me PERSONALLY, then  its not my pick . So be careful, and get the REAL info , be getting it from ME. That’s All I’m gong to say on the matter.


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