Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Los Angeles

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YES!!!  The signs were MUCH better in L.A, A rare treat as the ESPN crew makes the reluctant trip out west , we all know they don’t like th pac ten, and  the pac ten had a bad day Saturday, with the exceptions of Oregon State, and USC  beating BCS teams from last year..THE  west coast brought a fresh approach and gave us some GOOD signs.  This sign in the photo was a classic, the sign police obviously did not get the reference..” Go Dirty ( Sanchez) The mustache graphic was KILLER…I want to hear from who did this…sorry i couldn’t have got a better photo..

The wazzu flag was out , why not?  a shot trip, and they should have gone to Baylor and played for the cougs, they need all the help, they can get. STILL no  Political Signs ? Nothing on Obama or Palin , or McCain. Has Erin Andrews fallen out of favor, no proposals? and Guys MEMO: Borat signs are “so 2007” ! The Shame U sign did finally peek in at the end of the show..-Tuff crowd! Honorable mention to these: My Foot Hurts, whats Up Bob ?,  Join Awana,Big 10 cant Run with the PAC,Our D-line will crack thier nuts, What a Beanie Baby, WEBSITES i saw on signs : , and Facebook Bashar Badran 

 Remember these are the signs that I could see, On TV, if you saw any other good ones, pass em along! 

There will be a REWARD for ANYONE who gets a “FOOTBALL JESUS Las vegas” Sign on TV…or HI football Jesus, i dont care be creative

Here is the list:

  1. GO Dirty ( Sanchez)
  2. Tebow Helps 3rd world countries, SEC  schedules them.
  3. ESPN injury Report: Beanie: doubtful, Buckeye Loss: Definate
  4. EVEN corso could start in the BIg 10
  5. OSU: building class one BCS loss at a time
  6. Hey OJ, say Hi to Clarett for us
  7. Spoiler Alert: Brutus dies in Act V
  8. While You were out Tressel, the 80’s called , they ant the sweater vest back
  9. Rey Cinco Ocho
  10. Expect a Slow Painful-‘Nialation
  11. WE dont play CUPCAKES, Fight On USC!
  12. Bengals: You need Krenzel
  13. Lou Holtz clubs baby seals
  14. THE Over-rated UNIVERSITY
  15. USC PWNS Noobs
  16. I Love Caribou Barbie  ( palin?)
  17. SoCal is To Hot for Beanies
  18. 1982 UF 17-USC-9, 2007 UF 41-OSU 14, Gators OWN you
  19. Butkus take 2 rey 100% James 0%
  20. Lee corso is Football’s Joe Morgan-FJM

 Last weeks signs:



2 responses to “Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Los Angeles

  1. The sign was SoCal Is Too Hot For Beanies. It doesn’t make any sense if you drop off the “s”.

  2. saw another great one…”trojans are best when busing nuts.”

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