NFL Football week 2

Free Picks For the NFL Sunday, contact me and get more more winners. I have THREE big Bets in the NFL today as well, PLUS a BONUS BET in the late game :     Steelers/Browns  

SPECIAL: Get Sunday’s NFL, I will throw in NEXT weeks picks FREE

FREE pick Today : Jax JaGUARS ( NOT Jag-Wires), -4, I just bet this at -4 in vegas    OR

email   for THREE big Bets in the NFL today !

 Great Game in college football Saturday , I hit the biggest games of the day NOTRE +2 dame over Michigan, and the game I went to, USC -10.5, over Ohio State! My other dog play On Purdue, almost won outright, but covered the 8, and i had losers with Auburn -9 ( 3 -2 are you kidding? You mean the OFFENSE only netted ONE point? Really?)  Virginia Tech-6, fails to cover with several chances to do so, and the free pick Washington+21 just plain sucked.  A 3-3 day ,USC and notre dame made up for it,  I will take it. Plenty of people below .500 for the day, im not.


One response to “NFL Football week 2

  1. dude , i totally thought that notre dame pick was whack, so i bet michigan…sorry, help me out sunday !!! i need it … i know you are the master of sunday and monday night!! you can do it again! thanks i wont doubt JESUS again!!

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