Football Friday! Im off To Watch Ohio St/USC

Yes That is Touchdown JESUS,  I mean his evil twin FOURTH DOWN JESUS,  Ah the old Michigan-Notre Dame Game…kids, it used to be BIG! It used to have great players and hold meaning for the National Championship..-(Most years), it used be nationally televised…what? it STILL IS?, are that many old alums from those schools all over the country to watch these two wannabes go at it? Evidently. People still want to see how bad they are now. and no matter who wins , they will claim a BIG win, BUT  it wont be.

I will be in Socal watching the REAL game Ohio State-USC , which I know who will win , everyone gets this pick, who is on for the weekend, and who got the special yesterday, STILL time to get the September Special -Contact me   (702) 498-4377. BEST football picks of the season are going this week! 

FREE PICK Saturday is on Washington +21.5 , see you in Southern California!


One response to “Football Friday! Im off To Watch Ohio St/USC

  1. Good luck this weekend and thanks for the insight to some games this weekend. Remember the sunglasses so that the eye candy doesn’t burn your retina’s out….or you get punched out by her muscle bound boyfriend!

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