Saturday Update- 4-2 on the day-More Free Picks?

Everyone keeps asking for MORE Free Picks, even though I lost on Thursday,everyone who asked, got the free pick Friday on Ball State, which won, and today’s bet on Air Force +3.5 wins outright,  A Big winning day, with BC and WV the only losses. Ole Miss+8, U-Dub+10, and a HUGE win by Oklahoma!! I won back everything I lost Thursday, AND made a BIG profit. Excellent day!

You know the Refs may have killed Tyrone Willingham’s Job today with that bullshit celebration call to end the game..That rule is is real BAD, and only selectively enforced…what drag. And West Virginia, what a joke, I havent bet them since last YEAR when they LOST to South Florida, and they screw me again! So Im OFF WV from now on…

I’ve got some Solid bets in the NFL Sunday, get the WHOLE day ,and I will GIVE YOU Mondays Pick for FREE. AND i will throw in NEXT weeks Picks FOR FREE, You cant say no to free picks , so contact me and i will get you the info you need to CASH IN .

NFL SUNDAY:  Jaguars/Tiatns   Panthers/ Chargers   Jets/Dolphins   and More…don’t miss em!


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