Best Signs Seen on ESPN College Gameday- Gainesville


Welcome NEW sponser!! Funny Shirts at Shame-U Last Year is still kicking ass on this year. The signs in 2007, even 2006 were Far better than the first two weeks of 2008. Either kids are not as creative, or the sign police think every sign is a threat to national security. Maybe they are just not getting on Tv , Try harder !


STILL absent were any Obama or McCain signs, WHERE the MILF  signs about Satrah Palin? Guys get Creative ,do you need a tutorial on how to evade Sign Police?? Come on, Hold up your end.


 Now there are two WAZZU flags, one more would have equaled your point total against Cal. Good thing Cal didnt show up with 66 flags. Even saw one K-state flag. 


Remember these are the signs that I could see, On TV, if you saw any other good ones, pass em along!  Here is the list:


  1. Shame -U loves Kirk’s Mystic Tan- what is Shame U?
  2. Butt Noor
  3. thUgs
  4. No Hurricane can destroy the swamp
  5. Straght Talk Express: U have no chance
  6. The only Hurricane that conquers Gators is IKE.
  7. Purpose in Life: to be on Sportscenter
  8. Stafford Throws like a girl
  9. Everyone Supports Phlorida Neutrality
  10. Hurrican Forecast: rainey all day
  11. Marry me Chris
  12. Lee Corso for Prez
  13. Tom Merloa for President
  14. Tebow Sneeze = cat is Hurricane ( ??)
  15. Erin Andrews is my Hero
  16. Holla Vitty
  17. Tebow for President
  18. Matthew Stafford throws Like Me
  19. Gators ( heart ) Kirk

 Last weeks signs:


5 responses to “Best Signs Seen on ESPN College Gameday- Gainesville

  1. Yet another weak showing.

    I like the mystic tan idea. Shame U., I guess is in reference to Miami’s past thuggery.

  2. “Tebow Sneeze = cat is Hurricane ( ??)”

    I think that it said “Cat 5 Hurricane” as in category 5.

  3. Number 14 actually said “Tebow Sneeze = Cat 15 Hurricane” meaning an off-the-charts fierce Category 15 storm.

  4. “Matt Stafford Throws Like Me” was in Atlanta, too.

    42-30, Gators. Including two deep bombs from the girl-throwing Stafford.

  5. Sept 6th Games – RAP RECAP.


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