Colorado Wins BIG for Me!

Happy Labor Day ! My Picks are rolling right now, Sunday was another good day, as my big bet , COLORADO-12 was an easy winner,  my info was dead on, the talent and running game Hawkins has brought showed Sunday Night  and I cashed another ticket here in Vegas. -my free pick lost -we take chances with those, But the big bets win –Ready for ANOTHER easy winner tonight?  Two Great match ups on TV-

Fresno/Rutgers   Tennessee/UCLA , Labor Day “One NIght Special” BOTH games for New Contacts- email to:

I am NOT a service, i dont have “1000 star plays of the month” BUT I have solid winners in BOTH games for you, one BIG and one small , I’m a consultant , so contact me and WIN AGAIN, or don’t contact me and take your chances. -After week 1 of  college and the The NFL pre season , including the losing “Free Picks” the overall record is now  31-20-1. 

NFL Season train starts Thursday, so get on board! Don’t miss tonights games!


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