Best Signs Seen on ESPN College Gameday- Atlanta



Sponsored by Funny Shirts at Shame-U: My first list of 2008, The Wazzu Flag was STILL showing up on screen, but mysteriously and maybe for some a welcome ABSENCE, were any marriage proposals, especially fro Erin Andrews. I would kike to see the guys get more creative with signs about Erin, they have been pretty tame so far over the years.


Also absent were any Obama or McCain signs , or any references to them, I guess they aren’t the big story yet, Overall, not  a very good bunch of signs , I’m looking for more creativity next week. Remember these are the signs that I could see, On TV, if you saw any other good ones, pass em along!  Here is the list:


  1. Hey Corso, Pick Clemson, ROLL Tide! ( Corso DID pick Clemson, Tide Rolled..)
  2. Wankers Can’t Eat Cheese.
  4. My Dad’s watching Gameday in Iraq.
  5. I could start in the BIG TEN
  6. Julio Trained Michael Phelps
  7. Bowden wears Saban’s Pajamas
  8. Burgers? No so Fast my friend
  9. Punt Burgers-eat Chicken
  10. Low Tide 8:12 PM
  11. Facebook me Barrett Caldwell
  12. Kirk>Phelps+ Chuck Norris
  13. Sorry Big Ten, SEC’s on ESPN
  14. Bama’s Looking Fresh Mane
  15. Matthew Stafford throws Like Me
  16. Know Ring for Knowshon
  17. I ( heart) Desmond

4 responses to “Best Signs Seen on ESPN College Gameday- Atlanta

  1. These are always hilarious and my favorite it might be the Free Vick – since I just saw a special on TV about what they are doing with the dogs Vick used for fighting. “Were they saved and given another chance…. watch and find out”


    These signs are pretty funny, but have you seen the one on home page at ..

    these kids can get pretty funny.

  2. We had a sign about Obama but they took it away..

    Not gonna happen
    No way, No how, No win over Clemson

  3. My buddy made the Wankers cant eat cheese sign. And i am Wankers please check out the facebook group

  4. Yea, at the time it was more of an inside joke…now i think the joke is out. haha We will get to another game day and make it count.

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