College Football Week 1 Winners

Last Season was my highest winning percentage ever in college football, But evolution gave us eyes in the front of of our heads so we can see where we are going, and NOT where we have been, so lets forget the past get on to his week!

The more information I get , the better the bets! The Biggest bets today are going in two games, Utah/Michigan and Illinois/Mizzou.

 I also have the winning picks on Alabama/Clemson, USC/UVA, Memphis/Ole Miss & Michigan State/Cal.  Contact me for all these plays and more and cash in! I am not a service, I am a consultant and I will let you in on EVERY bet I make in college football.

 Today’s Free pick in College Football is the bet I made on Washington+14.5 at Oregon.

Note: ( for you you newbies, YES you buy the Half Point!-always)


One response to “College Football Week 1 Winners

  1. dude, thanks for the seahawks pick last nite. do you have a pick on the alabama -clemson game ?

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