Rah! Rah ! College Football Kicks Off!

REAL college games, real Winners, for all SEASON preferred clients, contact me. NO MORE shit  NFL practice games, although I have a winning record , 21-12-1, I LIVE for real games that mean something….So if you want to be involved, contact me, I hate losing and I usually don’t, I bet these games myself for real money…

I’m back from vacation, I am READY for tonight’s games and especially Saturday’s HUGE bet in college football. It will be SOLID. Get on the list NOW for preferred clients, and don’t MISS one play this season!

It all starts TONIGHT! and Of course there is a Free play as well..Just LIke Seattle Monday, which I posted Sunday- so contact me for that, Tonight College Football Kickoff – BIG Winner!, get on it!!!


One response to “Rah! Rah ! College Football Kicks Off!

  1. Hey thanks for the Seahawks play Monday! we need more free plays!! I asked about you to handicapper radio guy i listen too, here is what he said:

    John Kelly here. I’ve exchanged e-mails with Football Jesus. He seems like a solid guy, but I’ve never formally met him. His website is impressive and I believe he has a good feel for finding pointspread winners.

    Sincerely, JK

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