Welcome to Football Friday!

NFL record is now 14-7-1, Biggest bet in Pre Season going in week three, Tonights game just as good as last nights big bet on the 49er’s +3, they win outright! Same thing with my  baseball underdog play on the TWINS , that I gave out for free to everyone who called me. I even gave out a winner to my CFL friends in the great white north!

So many “experts” had their “game of the week ” or “50 star game of the year” on the Angels. Same guys who gave out the Browns on Monday or the Bears last night. Sorry. I don’t have “locks” or ” Game of the year” and i don’t ask for your credit card.

I’m not a service, I’m a consultant. I don’t like losing bets, and I will absolutely give you the best info from vegas. I have contacts all over the country. I study and do my homework. Contact me directly and  I can  get you the winning plays too, just contact me . The Pre season winning continues tonight:

Eagles/Patriots  Titans/Falcons  Texans/Cowboys  Packers/Broncos


One response to “Welcome to Football Friday!

  1. I’m sick of the gimmicks, just give me the winners…thanks for talking to me yesterday..and thanks for the winners!!!

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