Giants Win Big on Monday!

My biggest Monday Night bet so far cashes easy, as the G-Men romp. All my stats and info pointed to a Giants win , and then I went to the  sport book here in Vegas, i watched as every swingin dick walked in and popped down $20 or $50 bucks on the Browns, till the line went from -3 to Pk, That was the clincher. Then I made my bet and told everyone to do so as well. I made a couple small baseball bets which also won.

Then I watched the Giants roll. My Pre season bets are now 13-7-1, which isn’t bad for practice games. I already have a nice bet planned for Friday. I’m not really a religious guy, but someone told me about these Football Jesus bobbleheads. someone HAS to find these for me and send me one. , they are sold out ( of course!) here:

Contact me if you need a couple baseball winners ..


One response to “Giants Win Big on Monday!

  1. man you saved my butt last night…everyone in my office bet the Browns, and I won BIG. Thanks for the info I enjoyed talking to you! whats on for tonight?

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