Monday Night Football Browns – Giants

Pre season football continues to roll on, with some teams showing up-Like the Lions winning BIG last nite,  and others like the Patriots who have failed to put in an effort and cover a point spread in EIGHT straight games dating back to December 9th, when they  beat up the Steelers.

This is almost unheard of. I dont know what Coach Bill is actually doing, but I’m sure it will pay off for him. So I will take the 1-1 last night and the 3-2 baseball and lets get a stronger result tonight.

Pre Season Monday Night Football, Browns at Giants. I have everything I need to CASH IN  on this game. Let me know if you need the info! pre season picks now 12-7-1


One response to “Monday Night Football Browns – Giants

  1. You must want to hear bad commentary – this is my second try. Your commentary is bad!!!!!!! Please get people on who are good at their job. I love football but it is hard to watch with these people. I am sure you will do nothing as is usually the case but it you want the public to watch you will do something. They are awful!!!!!!!!!!!

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