Winning day Saturday- who wants Sunday?

Congratulations to Mike Phelps, he IS the MAN! 8 Golds, and I always say no one  can go 100%, well I guess HE CAN! 

My Pre season football games are still doing well,  some close losses with the Jets and Saints, and the Chargers cover + 3, and A big bet on the Seahawks late- wins outright. But enough of the practice games, the Baseball bets WIN Toronto, Texas, Padres and  Dodgers. Halladay as a dog , Ive been going against Kendrick for awhile,  Tex off two shut outs- always a winner, and The Dodgers finally lose in extra innings. 5-3 for the night.

Pre season football can try your patience but you can win if you do your homework. My football Pre season record is now at 11-6-1. This is  when we use the free flow of information spoken and unspoken to gain an advantage, and make the right choice. This is how I build a bankroll for the regular season.

  • Tonight is NO DIFFERENT. I have  a nice easy winner on the the Pats/Buccs game and the Lions/Bengals. No time to shy away on info this good.

And lets get some more GOLD in Beijing as well.


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