Football Saturday Biggest Play tonight!

People have complained that I don’t give out my bets  early enough in the day. Well, I’m sorry.

I am not a sports “service”  I am a handicapping consultant, and professional bettor, -I do provide consulting for various bettors in and outside of Las Vegas.  I do this on a personal level, depending on individual needs.

Yes, if you contact me I can HELP depending on what you need.  Let me know and we will talk.  I do not like losses.  So i’m sorry if wait I  till late to make a winning bet. You can too. Contact me and I will get you in. The comp plays help everyone.

Friday continued  our winning run into the weekend, the baseball games went 2-1, and in football  the Raiders+ 4 came in .  Our pre season record is now 10-4-1  at 71%, and tonight is very good value play that will be the biggest bet of the Pre Season so far. As always I will have some others as well.

Lets have  great Saturday!


One response to “Football Saturday Biggest Play tonight!

  1. do you have any FREE plays? I need some help to get started

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