NFL Pre season -Thursday Winner

So I’m at Caesars palace last night cashing in on the Cardinals baseball bet I made, and i see an old friend I used to do a morning show with on the radio, up in Reno, from like 15 years ago. He is a Colorado guy and  We may be resurrecting our old act again soon, stay tuned! This time it will be almost 100% football related and as funny as ever!

So after our underdog winner last night, the big baseball bets are now 4-0 since monday, the NFL pre season bets are 8-3-1, with TWO games tonight, one of which is the Bills/ Steelers game, which im playing strong, it has EVERYTHING going in the right direction, according to  my trends – and as soon as I check out a couple more things it will be a GO , for all of us to cash in!

Its still pre season, but I believe its worth a strong play tonight to get us started for the weekend, my biggest Pre-season bet so far will be on Saturday, and i want have plenty of simoleons by then, so tonight will get me on the way! Oh , and i will have another baseball bet, and a free winner in the other football game !

Contact me before i go to the casino tonight to get EVERYTHING, I want everyone to hit these, IF you can make some money with em!


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