Chargers win BIG- So does Phelps! Go USA!

THis guy is incredible, perhaps the best ever! thank the gods he is an American !  You know why he does SO WELL?  He does NOT wear a WOMAN’s swim suit like many of the other guys do now. Thats why he was laughing last night, at those women’s one piece suits the other guys wore..

It was cool watching him win, Even BETTER was watching the Chargers kick butt on the Cowboys, As I said Saturday,  it was the biggest Pre season bet I’ve made so far.The information was dead on. Bills also covered, Panthers an OT loss ATS, can’t win em all!

Another solid winner in store Monday Night for us,  so contact me before game time, for the Bengals/Packers!  I may have a baseball play Sunday…


One response to “Chargers win BIG- So does Phelps! Go USA!

  1. man EVERYONE was on the Cowboys at the party I was at , except me , you saved me again dude, oh and thanks for the Bills to0, nice parlay, who do like Monday?

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