NFL Pre Season winners!

The winning bets are Back, the NFL Picks are now 4-1-1, The Lions got us a push, whle the big bet on the Saints was , of course a big winner! We also cashed on the Chiefs &  Jets, and the Pats lose. So lets cash in some more tonight!

The jets made a bad move in getting Brett Favre. Giving up a younger pennington, was not good. Brett will not likely make it through the season unhurt. AND he must learn a new system. The Packers come out ahead, because they were going to go into this season WITHOUT anything for a retired Brett, not they get more.

IF your the jets, i guess you weren’t planning on getting to the play offs anyway, so at least you get BUZZ, and some media coverage in New York.

Tonight I have  4 more winning bets , so contact me before game time. they will at least go 3-1 or better! AND maybe a baseball game too.


2 responses to “NFL Pre Season winners!

  1. Hey nice job bro! Thanks for the picks last nite, keep up the nice work, Got a winner in the steelers tonight?

  2. how do i contact football jesus??

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