Bring Back the $500 Bill- Please

I would like  the $1000 Bill, but i will settle for the 5C.  Here in Las Vegas, its a pain to count out $5-10,000 or more to make a bet, and they dont take checks. You have to carry $20-40,000 or more around with you on a weekend , or daily in basketball season. AND it takes forever at the counter to cash in, wait for someone else to cash in or make a bet, whle they count it. So I say , lets get the BIG bills back in circulation.

They stopped it In 1969, when $100 bill went much further than now, so they are going to have to do something.


One response to “Bring Back the $500 Bill- Please

  1. Hehehehe
    That is true. I have gone once there and it is terrible problem. Forget about hunger for the children in Somalia. In Las Vegas for a daily bets you can by the whole continent.
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