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Pre Season Football 2008

Football season is here! Thank the gods, i was really getting tired, of baseball, -No more!


 Last season the game selections posted here, on this web site went 69% ATS, 303-138-10. College football was the best of the two, the bowls 18-8-1, and 6-0 on New Year ’s Day.


Of course you can go back through all the posts here, and see for yourself, but trust me it’s tedious, and what really matters is the NEW season.


I won’t have time to post every if any game I bet this year, so the only way is to call or text me become a preferred partner, and I will notify you of every bet, by email, phone, or text message, right up to game time. Which is usually when I bet, but not always!


Don’t lose money, trust me , it takes a lot of research and information to win. I’m an honest handicapper, and I don’t think anyone can REALLY do better than 70%, the highest I ever got in one month was about 75%. But I guarantee you I will give you the best chance to win. So contact me to get on the list.


Pre season is here , and I will make sure you win- betting the same games I do.

Bring Back the $500 Bill- Please

I would like  the $1000 Bill, but i will settle for the 5C.  Here in Las Vegas, its a pain to count out $5-10,000 or more to make a bet, and they dont take checks. You have to carry $20-40,000 or more around with you on a weekend , or daily in basketball season. AND it takes forever at the counter to cash in, wait for someone else to cash in or make a bet, whle they count it. So I say , lets get the BIG bills back in circulation.

They stopped it In 1969, when $100 bill went much further than now, so they are going to have to do something.